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Welcome! On this website, you will be able to learn more about COSMIX , our upcoming activities ,  projects and also our members. We're always planning something new and exciting! We hope you will join us in our journey!


COSMIX Crew was founded on January 28,2022 by a group of people wanting to share their passion for dancing and singing. Based inToulouse (France), we are an active and enthusiastic Kpop dance group with an unique concept. COSMIX is an harmonious combination of all the elements in the Universe (COSMOS)





COSMIX is the combination of a "Cosmos"and "mix" because COSMIX Crew is mix of many different people who share the same passion. COSMIX's concept is based on the theme of the space, the stars and the Universe as a whole. The letter X also means that anyone can be part of our crew, no matter where you're from. COSMIX is not looking for a specific profile, we're looking for talent.

When did COSMIX debut ? 

COSMIX debuted on March 25th 2022

How many are in COSMIX ?

There are 10 members in Cosmix

Can I be a member of COSMIX ?

Of course! COSMIX is always open to innovation and new people. If you want to be part of our universe, you can apply for auditions on the website. If you're selected,you will be contacted VIA e-mail .You can follow us to stay informed about the next auditions!

If you have any questions, let us know by sending a DM on our Instagram!




Find diverse talent in COSMIX!

What makes COSMIX a unique Kpop dance crew is that we won't only make dance cover : indeed, you can follow our STORYLINE ( coming soon on our YouTube channel )  which tells the story of COSMIX and its members . Also we're planning to share singing and rapping content. Look forward to our future rappers and vocalists!

Original content

We will also release some original content for our subscribers such as vlogs, MV's reactions , lives and some more to come.




EPISODE 1: “The Blue Fever”



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